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The Team

A successful project requires many people to play many roles. Some members write code or documentation, while others are valuable as testers, submitting patches and suggestions.

The team is comprised of Members and Contributors. Members have direct access to the source of a project and actively evolve the code-base. Contributors improve the project through submission of patches and suggestions to the Members. The number of Contributors to the project is unbounded. Get involved today. All contributions to the project are greatly appreciated.


The following is a list of developers with commit privileges that have directly contributed to the project in one way or another.

Simon Brownhttp://www.simongbrown.comOriginal Author
James Roper Developer
Olaf Kockhttp://www.olafkock.deDeveloper


The following additional people have contributed to this project through the way of suggestions, patches or documentation.

Alexander Zagniotov
Antonio Santos Izaguirre
Christian Fochler
Daniel Farinha
Debashish Chakrabarty
Dragan Spirov
Eduardo Ramalho
Enkhbat Dash
Frank Behrens
Frédéric Chuong
Ger-Jan te Dorsthorst
James Manger
James Roper
Jorge Juan Gómez Basanta
Jürgen Rose
Kene Lin
Laust. Ladefoged
Lasse Koskela
Mark Phippard
Mike Bremford
Okura (Pebble JP project)
Olaf Kock
Paolo Perego
Pedro Bachiega
Per von Dolwitz
Peter Miklosko
Pierre Grimaud
Ron Smits
Sam Widlund
Sascha Kohlmann and Gabi Lohmann
Seymour Cakes
Simon G. Brown
Sylvain Balbous
Tor Helland
Valentin Crettaz
Weiqi Gao
Yusuke Yamamoto
Zoltan Levardy